Aquatic Club of the West Shore


Membership is open to swimmers age 5-18. 

New swimmers will be asked to swim one length of the pool (25 yards), any stroke, unassisted and without resting along the wall or touching the bottom. Any swimmer who is unable to meet this requirement can take swim lessons and try again the next season.

Register now! If registration is currently closed, contact us to find out how to register.

Our Pool

West Shore Natatorium
Red Land High School
560 Fishing Creek Road
Lewisberry, PA 17339

More information about our pool can be found at the West Shore School District website. We share the pool with both Cedar Cliff and Red Land's high school teams in addition to the West Shore Recreation Commission.


We have 4 main registration seasons throughout the year:

  • Spring Pre-Season Conditioning - Held in March/April, registration opens in February.
  • Summer - Competitive season runs May through July, registration opens in April.
  • Fall Pre-Season Conditioning - Held in September, registration opens in August.
  • Fall/Winter- Competitive season runs October through February, registration opens in April.

Find out more about our Summer and Fall/Winter leagues here.

Swim Practices


Practice dates and times can vary due to the natatorium being used by other groups. We typically practice in the evenings on week nights. During the summer and fall/winter season, swim meets are usually held on Saturday mornings.

What to bring

  • Water bottle with swimmer’s name on it. (NOTE: Water bottles with glass parts are strictly prohibited due to the risk of breakage on the pool deck.)
  • Flip flops / slip-on shoes
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap (All swimmers are encouraged to wear caps. For swimmers with long hair, we ask that it be tied back away from the face with a rubber band so it does not interfere with learning. No metal clips in the hair please – they can fall out in the water and cause rust-stains on our pool bottom.)
  • Swimming attire. Most bathing suits and swim trunks are acceptable. We ask that you make sure that your child’s swimwear fits snuggly so it will not hinder any movement.


Find out more about our coaches here.