Aquatic Club of the West Shore

Welcome! We are so happy that your family is a part of the ACWS Waves! Below, you will find Important Dates, Parent's Checklist, Code of Conduct, and Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, the best way to reach us is by emailing the board at: [email protected]. This email is monitored and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Parent's Checklist



The guidelines in the ACWS HANDBOOK must be followed by all team members and violations of these policies will be taken seriously by the WAVES Board of Directors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • We use email, social media, and the OnDeck app to communicate with members.  OnDeck will also automatically post to our main page on our website.
  • We strive to send a weekly email with timely information and upcoming events.  We encourage you to check the OnDeck app and your email account that you used to register your swimmer.
  • The ACWS website is updated on a regular basis with information related to team events, team news items of interest, and team notices. Be sure to check the website frequently for new information and updates.


  • The primary way to contact us is through email. Our email is constantly monitored and we will respond as soon as we are able. Our email is [email protected]
  • Have a question for the Board? Email [email protected]
  • Have a question for the coaches? Email [email protected]
  • Need to send your clearances? Email [email protected]
  • Child sick on day of meet? Email [email protected] or post on OnDeck ASAP
  • Unable to volunteer on day of meet for a position you signed up for? Text Volunteer Coordinator (Lauren) at 717-579-2121


  • Practice schedules may vary throughout the season due to sharing the natatorium with other groups. We try to send out a weekly email, post to social media, and post to the On Deck app. However, it is always best to check the website for any changes.
  • We do NOT have an attendance policy, as we know how busy families are these days. We do encourage your swimmer to attend as many practices as possible in order to progress in the sport.
  • We ask that all parents/guardians remain in the spectator area if they choose to stay for practice. Parents are NOT allowed on the pool deck and are NOT allowed to interfere with coaches and practice.
  • All adults are strictly prohibited from entering the locker rooms on the pool deck. If you child cannot change into or out of their swimming gear without help, we suggest that they come dressed in their swimsuits and bring a bathrobe or other cover up for after practice.
  • At least one member of the Board attends every practice and wil be present on the pool deck. Board members are there to assist coaches as needed, so they can focus on the swimmers. Board members wear an identifying badge. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to discuss with the board member on deck.
  • For practice, we recommend your child has a swim bag that will carry their goggles, towel, water bottle, and swim cap.


  • Families are expected to volunteer at least 3 slots (a slot = one family representative). If you fill 5 slots, your swimmer will receive a $50 volunteer credit for their next season.  If you have 2 swimmers and fill 10 slots you will receive a second $50 credit. 
  • For reference, every home meet requires at least 22 volunteers; Away meet volunteer requirements vary, based on the meet.
  • For a list and description of the Volunteer Positions, see VOLUNTEER POSITIONS
  • We will be holding a Mock Meet in November, where parents can practice each position and ask questions before signing up!
  • Parents/guardians should use the website or the OnDeck app to sign up for volunteer positions.


  • In order to volunteer, we need to have your clearances on file. Deadline for clearances is 11/30.
  • For links and info on how to get your clearance, see VOLUNTEER CLEARANCES
  • Send your completed clearances to Volunteer Coordinator (Lauren) at [email protected]


  • Our team has 2 competition suits to choose from - the navy blue is a little higher priced, while the red, white, and blue is a more affordable option.  A third option would be a plain navy swimsuit or jammers.
  • To purchase the team suits and recommended goggles, visit our TEAM SWIM OUTLET STORE
  • Each new swimmer will receive an ACWS swim cap. There will also be an option to purchase customized swim caps.
  • We also have a Team Store with ACWS merchandise!  Visit our ARTISTIC IMPRINTS TEAM STORE


  • Meets are updated on our website (CALENDAR & SWIM MEETS) and OnDeck app (under the EVENTS & JOBS tab).  You will receive an email letting you know when meets are open for sign up.
  • For every meet, you must go to our website or OnDeck app and indicate YES or NO if you child is swimming in the meet. You can also list their stroke preferences in order and whether or not they'd like to swim a relay.  Relays and strokes requested are not guaranteed.  Coaches will have final decision.
  • For dual meets, 3 swimmers per stroke (or 3 relays if it's a relay event) will count towards the team score.  Additional swimmers will swim as exhibition. For invitationals, any amount of swimmers from your team can swim for placement.
  • Swimmers need to swim at least 3 meets to qualify for Divisionals.
  • Swim meet details will be listed in the Event Details in OnDeck.  A PDF will be attached for any away meets and invitationals that provide them.  Erin Edwards will send out additional info closer to the date for Away Meets re: warm up times, where to park, if you need to bring chairs, etc.


  • For home meets, we need all hands on deck!  Swimmers will remain with the ACWS team on the pool deck and will be supervised by coaches and the volunteer stagers.  This frees parents up to volunteer!
  • The majority of our home meets will be on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am.  Warm up times are typically at 7:30 am. Please check OnDeck Event Details to verify.  We do our best to keep dual home meets under 3 hours.
  • Swimmers should show up to the meet with their swimsuits on. We recommend they have a swim bag containing their goggles, swim cap, towel, and water bottle. Additional things to bring: Blanket or extra towels to sit on, sweats to wear between events and after meet, healthy snacks, entertainment (card games, books, etc.); electronics are not allowed on deck.
  • Our swimmers are expected to stay after the meet to help clean up and put lane lines away. If your child must leave early, please let a board member know.
  • We try to have a 'meet photos' graphic on Facebook after every meet. If you have photos or video from the meet, please upload them under the graphic after the meet!
  • Reminder: No adults in downstairs locker rooms during meets.


  • ACWS is a non-profit organization and fundraising efforts are essential in our efforts to keep registration fees affordable. All ACWS members are asked to donate concession items and participate in other team fundraisers.
  • Fundraising opportunities include: Corporate sponsorships, concession stand donations, sub/sandwich sales, dine-out evenings, team apparel, and others as developed by the Fundraising Coordinator.