Aquatic Club of the West Shore

Volunteer Positions

There are several key positions that are needed each meet to make things run smoothly:

Stagers (3-4 each meet, home and away)
Affectionately known as “herding cats”, stagers watch over the swimmers on deck and make sure that they get to their races on time.  They also assist in keeping order and making sure swimmers are lined up prior to their races to keep everything moving smoothly.  You will be trained to read a heat sheet and prep each swimmer prior to the meet start by writing their races on their arms.  Stagers enforce the “no phone/glass” on deck rule as well as make sure the swimmers are not wearing jewelry, watches or timing devices during their races.

Finish Judge (1 each meet, home and away)
Finish judges are our final line of defense if all of the tech and stopwatches fail.  They sit/stand near the finish line and record the finish order of each race - exactly how they see it.  It is an easy job but an important job.  Each team provides a finish judge for every meet. 

Runner (1 or 2 for each home meet)
Our runners provide important support for the stroke and turn officials by collecting DQ slips and taking them to the head ref for sign off and then to the office.  They carry messages and also make sure that volunteers have water if needed.

Timers (6-8 for each meet, home and away)
Timers are the back-up timing system if the Colorado timing system fails.  Each lane has two timers, one from each team.  One timer has the plunger and a stopwatch, one has a clipboard and a stopwatch.  They time each race and record the time on the clipboard.  Timers receive both training and opportunity to practice at the planned Mock Meet prior to the season.

Back-up Timer (1 for each meet, home and away)
Back-up timers time each race and are ready to jump in to help a lane timer if a mistake or malfunction occurs.  They are the back-up to the back-up.

Stroke and Turn Officials (2-3 each meet, home and away)
Officials watch a section of the pool and ensure swimmers’ starts, strokes, turns and finishes are legally executed.  Officials receive league training (mandatory, TBA) and have regular time to practice throughout the season.  If interested, please let a board member know so you can be included in the league training event.

Colorado and Meet Manager Technicians (2 each home meet)
These are the wizards behind the curtain (aka in the office) running the race, scoreboard and timing system.  If you would like to be trained to operate in this capacity please let a board member know.

Concessions Help (3-4 each home meet)
Sell food and drink from the concession stand in the lobby.  This is a great money maker for our team and our concessions volunteers (and donations) are hugely appreciated!

Ribbon Helpers (1-2 each meet, home and away)
Ribbon helpers affix pre-printed tags to the ribbons that get sent home with the swimmers/team.  



Volunteer Policies and Clearance Requirements

Each season we need parent volunteers to help the practices and meets run smoothly! All parents and/or guardian volunteers will need to submit Volunteer State Police and Child Abuse Clearances in order to participate. If you are a parent member who has not lived in PA for the last 10 years, you will also need an FBI fingerprinting clearance.

We do require parent/guardian volunteering throughout the season, so we strongly encourage all adult members of ACWS to obtain the proper paperwork. For volunteers, clearances are free and can be completed online. 
If you have an electronic copy of your existing clearance paperwork, you can simply email them to the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] .
If you do not have your clearances, apply for them online using the following links:
Our database of the clearances submitted to ACWS is confidential. It protects all of our swimmers as well as swimmers from opposing teams when they come to our pool for swim meets. It also ensures that when we arrive at away swim meets our team can compete as all of our parent/guardian volunteers and officials have proper clearances.
Any questions or concerns, please email the  Volunteer Coordinator at  [email protected] .